Thautwarm’s Open Source Contributions

This is a collection of thautwarm(Taine Zhao/Wanghongxuan Zhao)’s open source contributions, but might not be that new.

Projects Owned By Other Individuals/Organizations

Personal Projects Used Widely

Other Personal Projects With Great Personal Efforts & Prospective Values

  • RBNF.hs

    A language-independent parser generator.

    Actually an advance based on the LL(k) parsing, but equipped with several extensions like

    • left recursion resolutions(yes, for LL parsing),

    • grammar inlining(without causing reduction conflicts),

    • more advanced syntax-driven features,

    • context-sensitive stuffs like predicates according to global/local contexts,

    • lookahead optimizations based on decision trees.

    Additionally, the time complexity can regress to linear without using context-sensitive stuffs.

  • FSTan

    A F# library providing a more usable light-weighted higher-kinded types.

  • RSolve.hs

    A Haskell library providing easy-to-use monadic interfaces for constraint solvers, bundled with examples like HM unifications.


    A Python library providing easy-to-use and intuitive OOP interfaces for constraint solvers, bundled with examples like HM unifications.

  • Idris-Cam

    An abstract codegen backend for Idris programming language, bundled with backend implementations in Python and Julia.

    The Python implementation:

  • restrain-jit

    A more available JIT compilation for CPython.

  • moshmosh

    The Python syntax extensions, bundled with the fastest implementation of pattern matching in Python world.

    According to the benchmark, the pattern matching is at least 4 times faster than that from the Pampy project.

    Besides, unlike Pampy, moshmosh won’t introduce lots of APIs or lead to a steep learning curve.

  • do-you-like-wan-you-si

    Automatically playing Fate/Grand Order.

  • CanonicalTraits.jl

    Real traits/typeclasses implemented in Julia. With support of functional dependencies and default implementations.

  • HigherKindedPolymorphisms.jl

    Higher kinded types for Julia(light-weighted higher-kinded polymorphisms).

For more open source contributions, check my GitHub profile.